Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shocking news!!!

Here is an email I got:

So I hit "reply to all" instead and wrote this:
Dear All,

PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING BEFORE MAKING JUDGMENTS - I know I can go on, but hear me out - this is important.

I'm really sorry to have to break this to you, but the world is laughing at Christians, and I will not stand for it any longer! How many times have you received a "Jesus and the Homos" email? I've seen this one around 3 times.

Before I continue I want to urge you to first think before you act - "James 1:19 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath" - Our reactions must first be confirmed by scripture. Why should we get angry about a gay Jesus movie? Call me a heretic, but people do far MORE blasphemous things EVERY DAY. Nearly every movie blasphemes God. We should aim for consistency, and we should take a stand. I'm not saying we shouldn't fight this movie, but then we must fight all of them. Did you know "Shrek" has blasphemy, as does "Amazing Grace"? Personally I feel that we can only inform people of their sin, we cannot force the world to stop.

So this is my point - don't get angry over one movie. It's a drop in the ocean. People also, according to the constitution, have a right to their opinion. Hey if you want to go evangelize to the people going to movies and boycott that movie in particular (in a peaceful manner) then let me know dates and times - I'm game, but you'll have to prove that you are really going :)

Second - does anyone know how email works? If you forward a message, to a group of people, you send an exact copy to everyone. So if you put your name on the list - everyone gets the list AS YOU GOT IT, JUST WITH YOUR NAME ON IT. Let that sink in. This means that whoever puts their name on after you is creating A BRAND NEW LIST. Mathematically - A sends the message to B, C, and D. B C D all have a mail with A on the list, if B C D
add their names and send to their 3 friends each:

The list at E is (A,B), the list at F is (A,B) - "THIS IS THE SAME" you cry, but look at What list they will send out - E will send out (A,B,E) and F will send out (A,B,F). Do you see that the lists are fragmenting? Who is going to put all this information back together and remove the duplicates - it would be a HUGE task. Lets do the math - if everyone has the same number of friends (n) - obviously I know this is a grave understatement, but it makes the math easier - and they all send to all their friends, and the list needs to reach 500, that would be something along the lines of 500 ^ 499 (depending on the number of friends everyone has - I can't even BEGIN to imagine where n comes in).That's how many LISTS there would be - then there are 500 names per list - and we have to remove the duplicates - done on a computer this would take AGES (you would have to take one name and check all the lists for duplicates - FOR EVERY NAME)

I never recommend anyone do this, but I emailed the 'admin address' This is the person who is going to put the list together:

[homasg@softhome.net]: does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 550 homasg@softhome.net has been canceled for abuse; call if you believe this in error
Giving up on

"Canceled" - Wow - now I really feel like putting my name on this list. Regardless of the intention this person does not have an email account anymore.

Thirdly, this may seem like a bigger point than my last two, but it isn't - did anyone notice the brainwash? There are not external links - no PROOF this movie exists! I looked it up - here are a few sites:
http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/g/gayjesusmovie.htm - revealing that this email is a hoax
I did find www.corpuschristifilmsociety.com - who are "a group of people dedicated to helping promote independent film, film events, film culture and related concepts in the Corpus Christi area."

The world is laughing at us. We must be vigilant Christians. Next time you receive an email like this
1. Check the references - make sure they aren't making stuff up - it's so easy to react without thinking
2. Check that YOU KNOW they guy at the top of the list - and ask him where he got it from
3. Don't forward petition lists - it doesn't help - it hurts
4. DO NOT LET ANYONE GUILT YOU INTO ANYTHING - especially a good deed. Jesus takes guilt AWAY! I can say openly that if you try to guilt me into something I will openly REFUSE!

"Deny Me on earth and I'll deny you before my Father". - Talk about a gross misuse of scripture - Christians are exactly the people who do not do this! You know that you are a sinner by denying him - but guess what? Jesus DIED for sin. I'm not saying we'll never deny him, sometimes we will - but that's not the point - by not putting your name on this list you are not denying him.

"please don't complain when God does not have time for you" - Complaining is a sin anyway, but again with the guilt trip. Just because we sin God is going to ignore us? Maybe I'm going overboard but that's what I get from this, and I'm not buying. NOTHING CAN PLUCK ME FROM HIS HAND (John 10:28 & 29)

Please let me know what you think - I'm going to put this up on my blog: http://gthuf.blogspot.com.
Go well in Christ - have a blessed week
Additional points(not in the email):

1. I didn't put my name on the list.

2. I did rush this email. There are not enough scripture references and for that I apologize, although I know I can back up everything I said with scripture. In my defense - I have written on this topic before. Plus I came back and double checked everything. Plus nu metro (Monte Casino) has no listing of such a movie.

3. What exactly does "If the Muslims do what they do..." - sounds like somebody is trying to say something by not saying it. I suggest people start watching their mouths.

4. Sorry about the maths - I'm terrible I know it.
I did some research on email petitions - here is a good site, he says it better than me. http://www.cs.rutgers.edu/~watrous/chain-letters.html is also good.
There are so many sites. I can't find anyone who has done the math. I think it is relative to n. http://www.knowledgehound.com/khhow2s/email_petitions.htm has a good site as well.

5. Why isn't this person's name first on the list? They say their name is Salome, but Anthony Hills is number 1.

6. This stuff is clearly offensive. When we see stuff like this the last thing we should do is retaliate out of anger. Look at the intention of the thing, what are they trying to do? They chose to pick on Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, and connect him to sin. I think that we would have a basis for removing such a movie (constitutionally) but I think it should be clear that people are just trying to get a reaction.