Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Carry over

Recently Bruce da Moose came back to me about my blog on the e-mail. I've had four positive responses so far. But I thought of a way to end chain e-mails once and for all:


"Chain letters killed my dog" - L. Oozer
"Thanks to chain letters, I don't have a job anymore." - M. Oron
"Chain letters have removed the meaning of life for me" - Q. Balsdon


Chain letters are destroying our society, they break down friendships and cost people their lives. The poor people in Imaginaryville, CA have gone back to a completely tribal way of life because of chain letters. They have no schools, no roads, nothing that we take for granted every day of our lives. We could be next!


Forward this email to at least 500 friends within the next 0.05 seconds and you will finally be free of the curse that is is chain mail! This really works!

"My dog came back to life" L.
"I got a new, better paying job" M.
"I spend more time reading my bible" Q.

We can help so many people here! You can do good now. The purpose of your creation is to do this (Eph 2:10). Only those who are evil in everything would try to stop you. If you expect to be heard in your prayers how dare you ignore this message, which is sent from the same person who can hear prayers!


The author does not claim that any part of this is true, nor does he claim that the concept of a chain letter to complain about chain letters is his own idea.

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Bruce Vivian said...


you spelt my middle name wrong, its "da" no "the"... hope u will be able to correct it

b da m