Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Forgive me

I am sorry I believe in God,
the belief that you despise,
Surely you can understand,
As one who is so wise.

(Psalm 14 and 53 verse 1, Romans 1 verse 22)

I am sorry that I hold my bible,
so very close to me,
but if you would look at the world,
it describes the things that be.

(Psalm 31 verse 5, 119 verses 43, 142, 151, 160)

I am sorry I love Christ so much,
brought forth by virgin birth,
for what he did upon that cross,
he did for all the earth.

(Mark 14 verse 9, John 3 verse 17, Romans 9 verse 17, 1 John 2 verse 2)

I am sorry that I am a Baptist,
In the conviction I rejoice,
I am sorry I am a Calvinist,
it really was not my choice.

(Luke 15 verse 6, John 10 verse 29, John 17 verse 9)

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