Thursday, August 2, 2007

Evangelical Theology

Evangelism is so difficult. I have found it better to immerse myself so much with scripture that I honestly have nothing else to talk to people about it. This practice has been such a blessing, because even though I can talk of other things, I have noticed that all conversation does tend towards one direction.

If there is one thing I do not like doing it is handing out tracts. But I do it. I even made a few of my own. But it feels so wrong to try and 'sell' the Gospel to people, especially as a Calvinist. I still do it, but I admit that it is discomforting.

Usually I have been weary when it comes to Chick Tracts, I do not know Jack Chick personally on any level, but every since I saw a tract by Jack Chick that promotes his own tracts, I have been careful before even devoting my reading time to them. There are some good Chick tracts, however, I will not deny that.

I worry about his theology, when he states in his statement of faith

"Union with the triune God provides all blessings in this life and the life hereafter." [Emphasis added]

There are many parodies on these tracts, none of them are very edifying. There are also many people who disagree, Christian and non alike. There is a parody that is a Calvinist promoting tract, the theology is described so well. I do not believe it is by Chick, judging by this one that is.

I would say I whole-heartedly agree with the 'Tulips?' tract and that anyone who wants to know what I believe should read this.


GalatiansC4V16 said...

I share your concern over Chick tracts. I find the tract handing out process to be an excellent conversation starter to actually witness, rather than being the ultimate means to getting the message to the person.

"Did you get one of these?"

"What is it?"

"Its a gospel tract, do you have a Christian background?"

Bam! You're in it. Most people are not offended with this approach, and the tract is something they can keep to read later and recall the discussion.

The guys over at The Way Of The Master at have excellent tracts for this purpose (I am not affiliated with them, I just like their stuff).


Qjay said...

Thanks for the tip. I will definitely use it. At least people know where you are coming from.

Evangelism - I'm still pretty new to it, I remember the first guy I approached was quite funny. I started off with the classic "Do you think you are a good person?" thing...

I was so nervous it ended up with me kind of rushing up to him (I scoped him out first) and yelling "DO YOU THINK YOU'RE A GOOD PERSON?" - not introducing myself or anything... haha

Lucky I went with a friend and he was helping me out. We found out he was a Catholic so we lightly pushed 'by faith alone.' He was very polite.

Thank goodness it's not by us that God saves. One thing I do hate is trying to be a 'salesperson' for Christianity. I remember a friend tried to sell me a pyramid scheme and I took mental notes to never sound like that.

Yeah the way of the Master stuff is really great! I didn't like their evolution stuff (too short and perhaps a bit Kent-Hovindish), but their gospel stuff is fantastic. I really like the fact you can download quite a bit of the Evidence Bible.