Monday, August 13, 2007

Harry Potter and the FOOL-osophers stone

Saw on my news reel (below) an article which defends "Harry Potter" as a Christian allegory.

The question we have to ask first is: "Where do I find this/these book(s)?" Well, we find it under fiction, meaning that it is not real in any way. We find it under fantasy, meaning that it distorts reality.

Also to be asked is "Where would I not find this book?" Not at any Christian store I have ever seen. Nor have I seen it under the 'religion' section at secular bookstores.

Here is the website: Harry Potter: The Official Site and here is JK Rowlings Site If anyone sees the words 'Christian' or 'Allegory' let me know.

Now I have a purpose behind this and it may not be what you think. Some may think that I would say "do not read it" or condemn those who enjoy it. Read this article.

My issue is this: Man will defend his own righteousness - no one wants to think that they are sinning. Rather be open to change by God's word.

Whether we watch television, listen to radio or read books we should ask: Does it have the appearance of evil? First Thessalonians 5:22 tells us to abstain from anything that has an evil form. This verse alone should convince us.

It is possible not to fall into sin as a result of reading such books, but why take the risk? Should we be feeding or flesh in any shape or form other than that which is necessary to sustain the life God has given us? The weight of this may seem heavy for a worldly person, but Jesus' yoke is light.


Qjay said...

Here is a site that has the exact same problem:

I do not think evil should be glorified, much less that we pay money to see it so.

Qjay said...

Here you go. This is it. Just remember I am a huge spider-man fan as well. But it is irrevocably clear:

PyroManiancs: The Gospel in Spider-Man 3

Watch movies, read books and listen to radio. Just stop being defenders of worldliness!