Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Suffer the little children

I think Jesus is coming soon. If South Africa continues down this current trend, I really do not see much hope for us. [HERE] is an article describing the new children's acts. I really want to have kids one day, if I have them in this country, my wife will be teaching them home school. They will never leave my sight.

If you can make any sense of this article please let me know. Allow me to join some key phrases here.
"The act is not about encouraging sex among teenagers. The legal age of consent remains 16.""THE Children's Act, ... [has] provisions that allow children as young as 12 access to contraceptives and the right to have pregnancies terminated without parental consent."

From reading the article, it seems like 'pedo-promiscuity' is both condemned and permitted. Just look here:

"The Children's Act was enacted to address inequalities of the past.""Van Niekerk says that given the fact that HIV/AIDS is rife, it would be unwise to deny children contraceptives such as condoms. SA is unique in that many children are victims of social ills such as poverty, orphanhood, HIV/AIDS, sexual and physical abuse, and crime, she says"

Please read those carefully, we have poverty etc., so to fix it we give children contraceptives and abortions. Not only that, we see to it that parents no longer have any guidance over the child, as it is now up to the child to inform the parents. I simply do not see how this makes up for "inequalities of the past." But a wonderfully South African excuse at best.

These are all symptoms, not the cause. The cause is that morally we are corrupt. As a group of Christians we have become slack in standing up for the truth. As Christians we have all failed our nation. We do not stand firm on truth. We allow these things to go on and now we have to lay in the bed that is made for us.

"..adults need to understand the predicament in which many children find themselves -- poverty, orphan-hood and little or no financial support."

So contraceptives are going to help? You see, there is something going on in South Africa. No one is to blame. Everyone is a 'victim.' Parents are no longer responsible for themselves, let alone their children. When grading tests, teachers can not mark an 'x' or place anything 'negative' on the paper of the child. If the child cannot cope with mathematics, psychologists will seek out some vague syndrome and apply it to the child, so that the child is not accountable. I understand that some children have real problems, but if little Johnny does not do his homework and listen in class, little Johnny will not be able to cope. The fault lies with the parents and Johnny.

"The act includes the controversial contraceptive clause on the grounds that it will help to protect children from sexually transmitted diseases and prevent teenage pregnancies"

This makes me sick. One thing I will ask, children do not naturally have sex by themselves, who is teaching them to do so? Where do they get all this sex stuff from? Do you want to know how to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS? and STDs? Somebody ask me, please. My answer is FOOL-PROOF and absolutely free of charge.


rick said...

I can by your blog via your comment at Pyromaniacs. I find your quote (Do not be deceived: 'Bad company ruins good morals) interesting in light of the fact that you joined in with the mocking of fellow Christians at their site.

I'd encourage you to reconsider what you are filling your heart with.

rick said...

And hopefully you have figured out that I clicked on the wrong post to comment on ... this should have gone to the one before this ... my bad.

Qjay said...

I did wonder about that, no problem.

Mocking is not bad, to show man his errancy: 1 Kings 18:27 exhibited by Elijah, Luke 3:7 by John the Baptist, even by Jesus to Pharisee (Matthew 23:33) and disciple alike (Matthew 16:23).

I have no hatred, nor even dislike, towards emergents themselves, especially the Christians among them. It is not their Christianity that is under 'attack,' rather the philosophy that they add. In fact I think that TeamPyro are doing a stellar job of fulfilling Ephesians 5:11-14.

The first question to ask is: "What makes a person an emergent?" Of course there are further questions down this road, but when I get a clear answer for this then I may be in a better position to disassociate myself with those who oppose the emergers.

I am very aware of what I am 'filling my heart with,' my concern is those who fill theirs with man-made philosophies.

rick said...

Agreed and thanks for the reply. I strongly object to some of the material coming from the emergent camp. I just don't find all emerging types to be represented by those posters and I find that many reading those are not penetrating the specifics.

Hence my concern with TeamPyro and what they are propagating.

Thanks and sorry for sidetracking you post here.