Friday, September 28, 2007

Like a fool to folly

Last month, I took a look at contemporary media. I pondered the degree to which Christians should be involved in the world. I have been exposed several times (two or three) times to various experiences in movies and have finally come up with my conclusion.

I should have reached my conclusion a month ago, since in the comments of the previously mentioned post, I said:

"How many times must evil be glorified in what we watch to tell Christians to stop?"

Now I have to point out that there are several aspects of a movie: paying for what you want to watch and paying for what you do not want to watch.

If I pay for that movie ticket, I am contributing to the profit of whatever that movie will see. So if there is blasphemy, I am paying to see blasphemy, no matter how much I hate it. This, I am not fine with. I check out whatever movie I am going to watch on, but it hardly helps much. For example, ratatouille was, I suppose not suspect. But I do like to be warned about people even referring to God in an unsightly manner, be it blasphemy or not.

And this is the core of the issue: is referencing to God. If I pay to see a movie, then I pay for it. But when it is done in the adverts, that really gets my blood boiling. The last two movies I saw BOTH had adverts that I would not have optioned to pay for to see in a movie.

But I realize I pay for the adverts too. It is for this reason I do not wish to go to movies. I cannot stop these people, but I can withhold my contribution. The same reasons are applied to television. I refuse to have these things in life purely because I do not want to support these things anymore.

"No single raindrop believes it is to blame for the flood."

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