Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Christian Problem

Jacob's anger was kindled against Rachel, and he said, "Am I in the place of God, who has withheld from you the fruit of the womb?"
- Genesis 30:2

I think there is one thing modern christians have wrong. It's their perspective. Where does all the strife come from? We all have different ideas about the bible and how we are supposed to read it. I can fight tooth and nail day and night with someone with even a slightly different theological viewpoint. Even on non-divisive issues. Obviously if you deny the Holy Spirit as deity, you can't really call yourself a Christian. So things like that we can and will separate on.

So perspective, where do you see yourself in your worldview? There is a great way to test your perspective. Imagine a train coming out of a tunnel into a snowy plain. Got that a train is coming out of a tunnel (through a mountain) into a snowy flat area1. Now I have to ask the westerners who read: "Where is the camera?" In your mind, you have a picture. Think about where the picture is taken from.

Now the western mindset (apparently) will put themselves high up outside the train. Almost floating above the train getting a "birds-eye" view of the scene, from without the tunnel. The more eastern minded person will have the camera inside the train, possibly hanging out of an imaginary "window."

I have to admit I had (and still have) the western response.

Now the problem is, is that in my mind I'm God. I put myself in His position. Now I realize it is a small thing, to be imagining a picture. But my response to such a small thing my give me insight into the larger things of life. I have to always say that God is in control. He knows the whole picture, not me.

I fear that too many of us do this. Maybe I'm the only one, but I doubt it. This is no definitive test either. I just found it very interesting.

The reason the Easterners have the humble position is they have a partially correct view of God. They mainly believe in an Agnostic style of God. I find Agnosticism to be a very intelligent position since it is in my Theology that God must be revealed to man, man can not know the Father without God drawing us to him(John 6:44). So in that they have found a correct position under God. The blame will fall under those who, knowing God, do not acknowledge Him as God (Romans 1:21).

Just a thought. Probably will attack evolution soon. Keep good by His Grace!

these thoughts did not come about from nowhere. I went on conference for my studies in computer science and a gentlemen spoke on eastern and western philosophy in computers. That's where I got the snow train thing.
1 Concept from a story called "Snow Train." I just can't find the opening line anywhere on the net :) So I modified a bit.

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