Sunday, January 13, 2008

A new start to the new year

I haven't been on for a while since it has been holidays and then when those were over I have been at a new job. So it's more likely than not my blogs will decrease in number.

In addition to this I have decided upon two things:
  1. Read the whole bible
  2. Discover my eschatology

Number one is pretty obvious. I discovered my worst witness aspect is that I have not read the bible as a unit whole. This is actually a requirement considering my viewpoint of the bible (pedantic, narrow-minded view that it is the inerrant, infallible word of the one, and only, living God). Currently on Exodus so please don't hold thumbs yet.

Number two is VERY interesting. Has revelation 4 - 21 happened? Or is it going to happen. I have been listening to sermons by Doug Van Meter (Pastor at Brackenhurst Baptist) and he makes an ASTOUNDING claim. He says most has occurred in the first century. His position is known as partial pretorist. Be aware he still believes in the second coming and he knows why he believes what he believes, which cannot be said for a lot of Christians. You can get his sermons from our church website, or if you know me personally, I can make a copy. Unlike John MacArthur, my pastor does not charge ridiculous prices for his sermons. Sorry John, but it's true. I can't afford to be pre-mill at that rate :)

Luckily I will find a pre-mill pastor whose sermons are free and hopefully download those sermons. I thin John Piper is post-mill but I'll get his view. Then I'll find a pre-mill study.

That's what I'm up to at the moment. I know this blog isn't really supposed to be about personal stuff but I thought if you read it then you should know. Also I made a claim last year that I hope God keeps this faith in me and so far He has, just not in a bloggy way. I will try to make time.

God bless y'all!

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