Sunday, January 13, 2008

A note on Science.

I watched a nice short DVD last night. One thing mentioned really gripped me. The fact that the first scientists, probably not all of them, were aware of God in some manner or another.

They came to that conclusion by way of a very reasonable assumption: I am a scientist. I want to be able to see the rules that govern the thing around me. That means first of all I must assume there ARE rules around me. If the world in which I live works according to rules, someone or something must have put these rules into place.

Notice how all these scientists managed to come up with a thing called LAWS. Gravity, for example. Since the departure from this basic presupposition, we have only been able to come up with THEORIES. Now theories are good, but they are not proven. Natural selection is a law since it is provable. Evolution, in the sense of mainstream understanding, is a theory, since it is not.

I said it once and I'll say it again. I think evolutionary theory is a solid place for people who wish to understand. I don't think it's for 'stupid' people. But everyone must be able to agree that it is only a theory.

But I was astounded to think that early scientists expected to come out with God, since they expected Him to have placed the rules there. What a great worldview to have! If you think it is weak, well then I challenge you to give me a sound explanation as to how you can expect the world to work as it is.

A worldview lacking in any sense of the devine tends to believe in chaos. I heard it said this week that everything tends towards chaos. Scientists of this nature would claim "well here we are! no matter how we got here, lets determine the mechanism." That is great as well. Just do not confuse the mechanism with the motive. You cannot assume since you think you know the mechanism you know the motive. Sure there are examples that show the mechanism is the motive (the human body, for example) but just because you can't see a motive doesn't mean there isn't one.

Science is about mechanism. Religion is about motive. Do not confuse these. Motive can definitly indicate mechanism (creation as dictated by Genesis, for example) but mechanism does not always dictate motive.

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