Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Prostitution in South Africa

Cape Town - An ANC MP on Tuesday proposed that prostitution be legalised during the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

"It is one of the things that would make it (the tournament) a success because we hear of many rapes, because people don't have access to them (women)," George Lekgetho told a meeting of the Portfolio Committee on Arts and Culture in Parliament.

His suggestion was met with a groan of protest and chuckles from other MPs.

"If sex working is legalised people would not do things in the dark. That would bring us tax and would improve the lives of those who are not working," he added.

DA MP Sydney Opperman disagreed, saying one could not commercialise relationships.

"You cannot attach a price to the deepest union between a man and a woman and link it to our tax base." [GO TO SOURCE]

I must admit that I can accept it when we fall on one side of the fence or the other, but the South African government has turned "flip flopping" into an olympic sport.

These are issues that should be pro/con on the legalization of prostitution. Should we really modify our law to make space for visitors? Or is this some excuse to change the law and make it sound 'legitimate.'

In my opinion, there are far worse things than prostitution. That is, in a worldly sense. Prostitution is a sin and therefore ABOMINABLE. But to enforce religious rules on people who are not under God is not the manner in which Christians operate. Separation of Church and State is part of the baptist confession.

I say if they are toying with the idea of legalizing prostitution, they should just do it. Forcing MORALS on people is wrong. Also there would be a tax benefit. As for "commercializing relationships," I'm not sure whether it's that kind of relationship that the involved parties are looking for. The only bad side is it will not help the AIDS epidemic - I wonder if government has thought about that issue when they bend over for tourists. On the advantages - at least police will be chasing after thieves and rapists rather than women in unfortunate positions in life.

I think prostitution should be a MORAL position and not a legal position. But I am open to correction. Any ideas?

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