Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The creation issue and non-Christians

SUMMARY: Creation isn't the gospel, therefore: don't start arguments with people who do not want to submit to the word of God.

I have started seeing the need for the gospel more than ever. I don't hide the fact that what I believe takes faith. In the same vein EVERYONE must be able to concede that they simply cannot know everything.

I saw a beautiful constellation on news24, and wanted to check it out biblically. Some reports indicate that stars are "born" here. Now I wanted the Christian perspective on star formation. Instead what I found was No Answers in Genesis' site.

I must say I get angry when people will blatantly disregard the faith, I wish they would see the light (pun intentional). But I have to smile when I see things like:

"There is absolutely no scientific evidence for a worldwide flood." [GO TO SOURCE]

Really? I have a philosophical problem with this rather than an evidence problem. If I were to say "There is absolutely no evidence for evolution," an evolutionist would point to all his "evidences" and called me bigoted and narrow-minded. It's amazing how defensive people get when you disagree with them, but when you agree with their narrow-minded foolish perspective, all of a sudden you are intelligent and reasonable.

You see, it's all about how one interprets the evidence. Interpretation requires presuppositions. I presuppose God created in six literal days and I don't have a problem with it. When evidence comes along that is difficult, I say "Woah, I have such an awesome God. Maybe tomorrow He will grant me insight."

But to say that there is absolutely no evidence for a global flood is plain stupidity right from the start. I hate calling people stupid but that is how I feel about this. Suppose I said "there is absolutely no gold in china." What would that mean, it has a couple of implications:
  1. I would know exactly what gold is
  2. I have looked in every square inch of china for gold

To bring my allegory back to the argument: He clearly is not looking for "gold" (the evidence of a global flood). He must be aware of his presuppositions. Secondly, he has not looked everywhere on earth. If he has, then why doesn't he list everything on earth?

This site is for Christians. So what do you think I'm going to put on here? Things to edify and give Christians an opportunity to defend the faith. However, I am open to dialog on the issues. This guy clearly knows everything:

"Fundamentalist Christians (and creationists) also believe that our society should conform to their moral and social precepts..."

I disagree* AND I'm a fundamentalist creationist. His logic has failed. But clearly this guy knows everything.

*While I think it would benefit society I cannot say I would agree with Church state. I would, in fact, stand against a church state.

In the end Christians, people need the GOSPEL. AnswersInGenesis is for people who WANT CREATIONISM. If you don't want it, it's not for you. They look at evidence and interpret it in a biblical manner. In order to desire a biblical interpretation of evidence you have to believe the bible!

A short word

While reading John MacArthur's "Think Biblically", a book he did not author but just edited, one of the contributors clarified this quote:

"God says it. I believe it. That settles it."

While most people (especially reformers) would respond with a hearty AMEN, we must be careful our humility does not fail us. The order here is wrong. MY belief has nothing to do with the settling of the matter. God said it, that settles it. I am privileged by the grace of my Saviour to believe it.

This comes right to the heart of the gospel. sinners need the Saviour. We need to give God His rightful place.