Thursday, March 20, 2008

Evolution brings me down

Hey! BREAKING NEWS!!! This one is going to BLOW CREATIONISTS(like me) OUT OF THE WATER!

I really don't know how we are going to come back from this one!

Scientists have made found the first evolutionary rule. And I'm sure there is NO going back on this one!

Apparently, according to the latest research in evolutionary biology, [gulps in despair], ANIMALS GET MORE COMPLEX!


Just in case, I am being extremely sarcastic. Surely evolutionists must be a little insulted by this research making headlines? This is what evolution has been teaching and "proving" since Darwin.

Surely this is what the WHOLE debate is about. This is, at best, OLD news. I believe that complexity cannot be inherited, just like genetics dictates. If I inherit my genes from my parents, how can I expect to get more complex genes that they don't have? The ONLY option is loss. But hey, that's genetics, not me.

And on the topic of old news: I'm still a God fearing, bible believing six day creationist.

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