Monday, April 14, 2008


I have made some mistakes and I would like to address them. I have only thought of two but I assume the list will grow.

Firstly, in my starlight post (here) I actually came up with a biblical version of the cosmic inflation principle that evolutionists use. While the cosmic inflation principle is valid, it might have happened, it is not good science (It is good origins science, but not good operational science). There are better explanations of distant light, which I will discuss at a later stage.

Secondly, I undermined Einstein's theory of relativity (here). I did not understand the theory and was answering a fool in his folly. What is amusing is that the theory of relativity proves the existence of absolute truth. It says that two objects, traveling at different speeds (speed being a relative measurement), if they were to measure the speed of a third object traveling at a different speed, would come out at the same answer. That, is absolute truth. While it is still theory, it is a good theory and certainly cannot be used to prove that truth is relative. [wiki] I think that the theory of relativity is good science.

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