Monday, April 14, 2008

Veggies in the fruit salad of life

I am attempting to eat healthier. In my exploits, I have given up sugar and today I started bring a salad to munch on instead of having lunch. My mother usually makes a salad for herself so I asked if she wouldn't mind just making a little extra for me. Now what goes into the salad is another thing. I asked her not to put radishes in, because I really don't like them. But I specifically didn't ask her not to put carrots in.

I hate carrots. I really do. They are part of God's creation but I would rather enjoy them from a far distance than ever have them in my mouth. As I was eating them this morning (I hate wasting food more than I hate carrots), I thought to myself: "I'll eat them today, but tomorrow, they are so gone!" But then something struck me. Something I determined blog-worthy and profound: The main goal of my salad is not for enjoyment. If the main goal was to enjoy the salad, then I could easily say that it is right to throw out the carrots. But the goal is a healthy lifestyle. So why throw something away that I know is good for me, to spite what it feels like.

There is a gospel lesson there, I feel that we miss out so much on the real blessings of Christianity. It's really nice when things go the way we want them to go, but when they don't, we need to be prepared to accept those things as good things from God. We can't just ignore the bad things and take all of the (perceived) good things.

God chastens those He loves. If you don't ever feel chastened, you've really got to wonder if He loves you.

When God gives you carrots, what do you do with them? More to myself, what will I do if I ever get a radish?

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