Thursday, April 3, 2008

It tolls for thee!

I am watching Hells Bells 2 again, and I think it is a great apologetic for Christians. At least twice I have been questioned on music and the evil behind it. What is great about the DVD is that it does not condemn rock and roll, it merely points you to the beliefs behind the music that so often go unheard.

Yesterday, while at varsity, I was listening to some of the music (that I own) that I had put on my computer. I was so shocked to hear these words by Ok Go:

"If evil were a lesser breed then justice after all these years the righteous would have freed the world of sin.
The house wins.
Oh the house always wins." [SOURCE]

Just give up on goodness, because the 'house' always wins. What a statement. Now I'm not going nuts over this song, but if you have heard it, you've probably never actually listened to those lines. I actually put away the CD for other reasons (they blaspheme in one song - and yes that's enough for me to put away the CD - my computer is on random and the songs on there are quite old), but isn't it amazing that we can hear that and be 'unimpressed.'

The question is - can music influence you? The answer, no matter what you think, is yes. Has a song ever made you feel better? Has a song every related with you on your level, making life easier? We've all experienced the power of music. For some reason we seem to think that music can only have a positive affect on us. To think like that is plain naïve.

Well, there's a lot I could say on this topic, but I won't dive too deep. I would like to leave you with some more words from Ok Go:

"You don't have to be alone to be lonely
You might as well give in.
You don't have to be sick to be dying
You might as well give in.
You don't have to have lost to be lost.
Oh give in.
You don't have to be alone to be lonely
You might as well give in." [SOURCE]

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