Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's happening again.... the e-mails are back....

Emails. This time I don't even have to put my name on it. All that is required of me is to forward it. Sin lies at the door.

I am trying to get away from "fake" imagery (movies, tv, etc.). When I see suffering, I want to make sure that I am sensitive enough to truly weep in despair. This kind of e-mail does not help. (I couldn't even put the whole thing up because it is too painful.) It stirs the emotions, but at the end of it, all I have to do is take 10 seconds out of my life and I will be "helping" child abused children.

How? I am forwarding a story I can't prove is true, making other people do the same, with some false sense of "I did something right today." This microwave oven 'solution' does nothing. Is this a Christian manner of behaviour?

I've been noticing how sensitivity effects evangelism. When you see someone in need, does your heart truly go out to them? Or do we harden or hearts because of all the trash we let in when we watch the news and hear stories? I'm nearly there... I'm nearly at a point where I see someone and I want to speak to them. I don't feel like I have to speak to them. Or do something nice for them. Evangelism is a lifestyle, not a trip to the shopping center.

This e-mail does not help anyone, it gives a false sense of 'right-doing.' There is also a flaw in the logic: by forwarding this e-mail, how will abused children know I care? You want to help kids? Donate some money. Spend a weekend helping an orphanage. Get your hands dirty, feel some loss.

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