Friday, April 4, 2008

My favourite sayings, and a little philosophy

I was thinking of some statements I actually use (or could use) in evangelism:
  • You have to believe in free will
  • I am absolutely sure everything is relative
  • Say no to just saying no
  • It can only be both "EITHER OR" and "AND ONLY"
  • Nothing makes sense
  • Nothing can be known
  • No statements are true unless they can be proven scientifically

I was interested in the first cause on Wikipedia:

"First-cause arguments are described as self-refuting. For example, the philosopher Theodore Schick suggests that an argument by Thomas Aquinas can be formulated in the following terms:

1. Everything is caused by something other than itself
2. Therefore the universe was caused by something other than itself.
3. The string of causes cannot be infinitely long.
4. If the string of causes cannot be infinitely long, there must be a first cause.
5. Therefore, there must be a first cause, namely a divine entity.

– and suggests that this is self-refuting because "if everything has a cause other than itself, then god must have a cause other than himself. But if god has a cause other than himself, he cannot be the first cause. So if the first premise is true, the conclusion must be false."[SOURCE]

There are so many flaws in the argument. Firstly - it denies (or at least fails to include) the concept of infinity. Does there exists a number n such that n + 1 does not exist (n being an element of Integers)? Of course infinity exists!

This a naturalistic argument for God. It assumes things must exist within the 5 senses in order to be. This is clearly false, since consciousness exists, right? What about reason? You cannot have an argument for God that denies infinity.

Nor can we define God in naturalistic terms. He is Spirit, which enables Him to be infinite and therefore the first cause in a string of (7) limited causes. We must work FROM God and not TO God in such arguments. The last cause (where we are) cannot be the foundation for God's existence, rather God is the foundation for OUR existence.

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