Thursday, June 26, 2008

Christians and movies

Christian, are you sick and tired of paying to see (and then walking out of) movies that blaspheme the awesome and holy name of the God who so graciously saved you from the worst fate you could imagine? I mean, we wouldn't go watch a movie that specifically insulted our close friends and family, so why would we go watch a movie that blatantly insults the most powerful and fantastic being in the universe, right? RIGHT?

Now, I must admit lately I have drawn my own lines when it comes to movies. I didn't walk out at verbal abuse (although I used to), and made my line a little more fuzzy, so that I do not walk out of every movie. But God gave me grace in that I have probably only seen 3 or 4 movies since I made my line more fuzzy. I agree that we should flee from sin, and I admit to a personal failing in this area. But now my faith has been bolstered by good men who wish to eliminate the plague in a Christian-like manner!

Ray Comfort has on his new site, an explanation of the use of blasphemy, as well as an indicator bar of the blasphemies contained in the movies. Personally, this is great, because we can check out a movie before we watch it. Click here:
Hollywood and God

What is so great is Christians can now send the producers a friendly e-mail, saying exactly how they feel about the use of God and Christ's name being applied in a misappropriate manner. If we join together as Christians, we can have a positive influence.

Just a note to non-Christians, if you read this: We do not stop you from saying those things, but out of love we rather protect you from the wrath of God by not exposing you to sin. We (as Christians) believe it to be a sin to blaspheme God, and unrepentant sinners go to hell. You have to appreciate the fact that we are trying to help. But we are not using politics or force to do so.


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Anton said...

Wow Quinton - the Providence of God is amazing! I've been wrestling with this very issue in my mind over the past few weeks. I've been avoiding movies because I'm undecided about how to deal with the blasphemy which I so often find contained in their frames. I'd love to chat to you more about your own convictions. Iron sharpens iron!