Friday, July 25, 2008

Movies: Again

A few weeks ago, I told you about Ray Comfort's 'Hollywood and God' website. Well, I have taken to the challenge of telling people how I feel about their movies. Here are the two e-mails I have sent to Warner Brothers:
About "Get Smart:"

Dear Mr Ewing,

It is with sadness that I inform you that I keep an eye open for your movies, in order that I may avoid them. It is not the quality of the movie or the standard of comedy with which I have an issue but rather the blatant blasphemy of my God that I protest to. I cannot and would not ask you to stop, but I would urge you to consider whose name is taken in vain. If the God you insult is infinite and holy, which He is, then there will be serious ramifications for those who execute such unrighteous behaviour. I will pray for you, but I will not watch your movies while they contain such behaviour.

God bless you,
Quintin [Date: 26 June 2008]

About "Batman: The Dark Knight:"

To whom it may concern,

I really wanted to go see the new movie entitled "Batman: The Dark Knight." I really love comic book movies, but when they openly mock my God (Jesus), my love for Him takes precedence over watching a film. I am not telling you to stop making such films, I am asking you to consider your soul, and the souls that watch your movie. If you are going to blaspheme anyone, why can't it be someone worth blaspheming, like Hitler?

I will pray for your industry,
Quintin [Date: 25 July 2008]

I have yet to receive a response, but I hope that other Christians will stand up and use this as an opportunity to do something in the right way. I'm not picketing, finger pointing or screaming. I am simply telling them they will fail as long as I am informed about what is in these movies.

I actually made plans with a friend to see the new batman movie, and he is a non-Christian (my friend, not batman - but I doubt batman's salvation). But thankfully I caught him before he had booked the tickets and we will not be seeing it. God is good!


ExPatMatt said...

Hey man,

I found your blog from Ray Comfort's wee 'Atheist Central' and was just cruising around to see who posts there and generally just wasting time.

I saw this post in particular and wondered what it was, exactly, that put you off seeing the Dark Knight?

I saw it the other night and can tell you that it is well worth watching, no matter what your religious views might be.

Sorry if this is totally out of the blue and feel free not to answer, I was just curious.



Quintin said...

Hey Matt,

In one word: blasphemy. I've made a decision in my life not to see movies that contain blasphemy (or encourage any kind of sin). But please hear me out on this: If I am sitting in a movie and they blaspheme, I make a mental note not to be affected by it and carry on sitting. I will only walk out of a movie when they mock Christ, like I walked out of 'One missed call.'

But if I can avoid a movie with blasphemy in it I will. I have a good friend on the same level. Now I already noticed on HollyWoodAndGod that there was blasphemy in the Dark Knight, which was later confirmed by that friend, who went to the movie unaware.

It's not about forbidding movies, or even stopping blasphemy. It more about personal piety. I don't want to expose myself to sin, lest it settle in my heart.

Thanks for your comment, I hope this explains my position.

God bless!