Friday, July 25, 2008

Sinners in their own god's hands

I have friends who are not Christians. I feel I need to write down the two things that they say that disturb me the most, because I tend to remember better when things are written down.

1. "I believe in a merciful God."
This one is nice. I also believe in a merciful God. The only problem is, my friends claim to be 'good enough' for heaven. So my first problem is that: why does a person who is good enough require a god to be merciful to them? Your conscience gives you away!

Secondly: Does your God ever require you to change? Does their god agree with their moral standard? Does their god ever condemn any action that they do? Probably not, since they made this god up. That is idolatry and a breach of the second commandment. There has to be an absolute standard of right and wrong. Just because you don't commit murder doesn't make you a good person. That makes you acceptable to society. Is society God? Who art thou, oh man?!?

2. "All (or many) religions have the ten commandments."
I always got tripped up on that one (to spite it's horrible incorrectness-ness). It takes a really sober (my friends? I love them, but lets be serious) person to listen to the one argument against that: Christianity is the only religion that uses the ten commandments to condemn, rather than to save. It takes the righteousness of Christ, not the works of the law, to save someone from sin. The law only reveals sin.

But if someone says this to you, I recommend pumping the law even more. The bible says:

"The law of the LORD is perfect, reviving[literally 'converting' or 'turning back'] the soul" [Pslam 19:7(a)]

So what do we do when someone says that? We say, very well, then, may we see if you are a good person according to that standard then? If so many religions have it, they must be on to something. We have to speak with authority, firstly, because Jesus commanded us to do so with His authority. Secondly, because when they fear God's wrath enough because of the weight of their sin, a humble soul will seek God's grace and mercy, of which we are able to tell. The issue of many religions having the ten commandments (at this point of evangelism) only solidfies their validity. Christianity is the only one that solves the dire position of man in the hands of a holy God.

Let me say this: No matter who you are, where you are, give them law law law. If they are professed atheists, liberal 'Christians' (willing to speak to you) - anyone you don't know well enough. The law of the Lord will reveal the content of their heart. Basic gospel. I love it. God's yoke is LIGHT!


Ant said...

I love the way you reason so clearly, its refreshing to see some pure logic put to good use. Thanks for those good answers - they will definitely come in handy!

Quintin said...

Thanks Ant,

Now all I need to do is to learn how to do it on the spot. It can become so intoxicating trying to argue with people that you miss what they are saying. What I really have to learn is to win the person, not the argument.