Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Get ready for a big argument

"Geneva - Tests have cleared the way for the start-up next month of an experiment to restage a mini-version underground of the "Big Bang" which created the universe 15 billion years ago, the project chief said on Monday."[SOURCE]

'Scientists' are trying to create a small version of the big bang, "which occurred 15 billion years ago" . Here's my question: 'If you are so sure it happened, why recreate it?' If it is such an infallible truth, why are you trying to protect it? To understand it is a good reason, but then why such odd wording? It is amazing that there is no question as to whether it happened or not, to spite the fact that 'scientists' keep on changing their minds about the age of the earth. Close minded sounds like the main ingredient here.

In addition to this wonderful observation in semantics, what have the 'scientists' done? Well clearly they are plotting to watch nothing expand1 and collide with more expanding nothing and it is going to explode (using a nihility-based exothermic2 reaction) and create something. Of course the 'scientists' are not going to control the experiment since that would infer that it takes intelligence to create something out of nothing. Of course they are going to do it in a null-space environment since that is where we came from.

What's that? Hold on here. Huh? The above mentioned experiment makes no sense? It's not science? Wow... Turns out that we need:
  1. intelligence
  2. particles
  3. acceleration
  4. energy

All of which are not nothing, to make something.

'Higgs, a 79-year-old Edinburgh University professor who as an atheist angrily rejects the idea of calling the boson the "God particle" - believes it will show up very quickly [this is the actual result of the experiment - proof of yet another existing particle] once the beams are colliding in the LHC [Large Hadron Collider].

"If it doesn't," he said during a visit to Cern earlier this year, "I shall be very, very puzzled." ' [SOURCE]

Guess what? The existence of the particle is a null-argument (pun intended). It proves nothing of existence, origins or first causes. The 'scientists' just can't word their arguments right. The particle is supposed to explain current expansion and current atomic bonding. But as soon as it is discovered, people will want to know what comprises it. And if it is disproved, they will try another way.

UPDATE: Stephen Hawkins has a different idea of what is going to happen. He and Peter Higgs are not getting on well in the upcoming events to this experiment.

1 Of course nothing cannot expand. But surely something has to happen, otherwise nothing is happening.
2 It would have to be exothermic since endothermic heat would go... guess it now... NOWHERE!!! And the poor Adam and Eve in the little bang would be cold, especially since they would be naked for at least 150 years (or would that decrease based on their size?)


Andrew said...

The Higgs boson / bogon is not the only outstanding prediction of the standard model. It's a nice mathematical model, but it's not quite sure what it is a model of. They should get bosons be byegones.

Andrew said...

Bah. Make that "let bosons be bygones"