Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pray for this guy

This morning I had an accident. A guy ran out from behind a truck and ran into the side of my car, taking off the side mirror. I Immediately stopped and got out, and he seemed fine (obviously he was shaken), but he doesn't speak English so getting information out of him was difficult.

I offered to call an ambulance, and his family said that he was fine, he then disappeared and I couldn't even get his name. Someone I spoke to on the scene gave me their name and number and I couldn't do anything more so I left. He seemed fine, but the circumstances are strange to say the least.

My sister just happens to be a lawyer in this particular field. She has informed me that a charge will be laid against me and a case will be opened. They won't arrest me (apparently), but there is a possibility that they will.

I guess I could use some prayer as well, but I worry about this guy. Praise the Lord I did not hit him head on, nor was I going fast at all. I have the assurance that God is in control and He allowed this to happen. It's very difficult not being omniscient, but if He is for me, who can really be against me?


Michelle Jamie said...

Will pray for you and this guy! What time frame do they give you for an charge to be made?

Quintin said...

Hey Michelle!

They didn't lay a charge against me. I think they will only when (or if) he tries to claim from the road accident fund.

So far I have heard nothing.

God bless!

Josh Gelatt said...

This is completely off topic, so please forgive any apparent insensitivity. But....I just discovered that you link to my blog. Thanks. Are you from South Africa? I noticed the church you have linked is. Blessings brother, and keep the faith!

Quintin said...

Hi Josh,

No problems! Yes I am from South Africa. I live in Johannesburg.

I only link the best! :D So keep up the good work yourself!

God bless!

Tyrell Haag said...


Any updates on the story?

Quintin said...

No... I reported it at the police station and repaired the damage. I guess that's how it goes sometimes :(