Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Calvinist's heads roll first

The economic crisis is no joke, it is here to stay and lay-offs are definitely on the way. But by what rules do people lose their jobs? At South Western Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS), they are ahead of the rest of the world: Let's fire the Calvinists first! [ARTICLE]

"I will say ... that Southwestern will not build a school in the future around anybody who could not look anybody in the world in the eyes and say, 'Christ died for your sins.'"

Ding ding ding! Round 399! Calvinists and Arminians have been debating the nature of the atonement since the remonstrance in 1610. The battle boils down to: Did Christ provide the means of salvation for man by man's own volition on the cross, or did Christ actually save people by going to the cross (thereby requiring God to cause a sinner to repent)? The former being the Arminian perspective, the latter being the Calvinist perspective. (Thanks Mike for the correction)

Regardless of the debate, I have to admit that it is rather upsetting being of the persecuted camp here. Losing your job over theology. Very dodgy ground politically. I also wonder how the situation got to be like this in the first place. I also wonder what the reaction would be had the situation been reversed.

My mind is pretty skewed at the moment. I would ask readers top see past the theology and to the implications of Calvinist and Arminian pastors working together in one building. I work with Arminians all day (even some just plain nominal Christians), but of course my bread and butter does not hinge on theology. I guess the debates that go on must be quite edifying as long as both parties are willing to disagree agreeably.

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