Monday, May 18, 2009

The Secret


I am a fairly new member of the Christian society and I am still on my path of discovering what my absolute convictions in regards to theology are. Some people would label me as a liberal though I would describe myself as someone who is open to new ideas and opinions whether it be conservative or liberal. I am still very easily influenced and can easily be misled by wrong teachings.

The church that I am attending right now can be categorized as semi-charismatic/liberal. Last night in church our guest reverend hosted a discussion on the book "The Secret". This book has created a stir around the world and has been read by millions of people. For those who like me don't know what "The Secret" is here is just a quick explanation: The Secret revolves around the concept of "the law of attraction." Basically, you attract everything in your life to you whether it be good things or bad things. Successful people attract success. According to the the book this law is the sovereign power of the universe. You can not escape from it thus you must learn how to use it to your own advantage. By means of your mind you can learn how to control this law. You are your own destiny. That in short is The Secret.

Now, the reverend did not push for us to believe The Secret he just compared it to the bible and pointed out the good points and the bad points. At the end of the day it is up to you to decide if you want to believe in this or not. But what upsets me is why are we having an entire sermon about this?? If I had known what the sermon was going to be about I would have stayed at home.I went to church to receive a message. To learn something.To be humbled. To learn more about God. To prepare myself for this week.I did not go to church to have a book discussion. I feel that the church has far more important things to do than to waste an entire sermon on this. The first 50 minutes was devoted to the book with the last 10 minutes or so focusing on God and how we should give him control over our lives, how we can not be in control. I am sorry but the message was completely lost on me. Maybe I am overreacting but I truly feel my time was wasted.


Quintin said...

Hi Nelmari, I thought I'd have a go at this...

This is nothing more than new age blasphemy, idolatry and heresy. It is a modern form of paganism.

"Successful people attract success."This sounds like a glorified horoscope. It's called the placebo affect. In most cases, people stuck in a rut just need a positive disposition and their life changes 'miraculously.' It doesn't sound like God gets any of the glory. Also - has anyone heard of Job? Has that book any meaning to these people?

"...this law is the sovereign power of the universe"This was preached in church? They call the building a church? A church of who?

"By means of your mind you can learn how to control this law."Ok so the 'sovereign law of the universe' can come under my control. What happens when 2 people want diametrically opposed things? Also, you say that people were encouraged to "give [God] control over our lives" - now how does the book, which claims YOU must take the control, fit with this view of God?

trev said...

Hey Nelmari,

I praise the Holy Spirit for His convicting power in your life. The fact that you felt disturbed by this clearly un-biblical "sermon" is a good thing. Your motives for attending church are also commendable.
I would suggest that you find a local church wherein you will be nurtured in the Faith, through sound teaching and discipleship. 9 Marks is a great site (if you don't already know about it) that in their own words "... exist[s] to help local church pastors and leaders in the discovery and application of the biblical priorities that cultivate health and holiness in the local church."
Here you will find 9 "marks" of a church that they have identified. I was blessed to have Quitin(thanks Quintin) show me this site when I was going through similar issues regarding church.

I pray that you will find an edifying church to attend. Also, always remember to review everything in light of what the Bible says. Keep your focus on Christ and His kingdom.


Josh Gelatt said...


Thanks for the post. You are right that it was a wasted sermon. "The Secret" ultimately peddles a message that we are in control and are the "masters of our own domain". Isn't this the very self-worship that Christ died to free us from?

The gathering of the church body is supposed to be for prayer, worship, and learning about God through His word.

Did you ever think about going to Quintin church instead?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the commentary that Ive received so far..I am desperately looking for a new church to attend because I fear that my faith is starting to reach a dangerously low point..Im starting to lose faith in the Church and each week I leave church with a sense of disappointment.Have I changed?Is the problem with me?Am I being too judgemental?I dont know what to do

GelaRocksOut said...

Hi Nelmari!
I see that this is an old blog post, but I stumbled across it and I was so impressed.

I have not read this book, but I don't think any book can claim to be the "secret" to unlocking universal success - the only secret is that there is no secret. Live by God's laws, God has the power in our lives, the Bible is not another book, it is God's love letter to his people. It contains the intructions we need to leave happy, enriched lives. People hoping to unlock the great secret are the same people buying diet pills while eating donuts.

I really enjoy your writing.