Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Perserverance of the blog

Has it really been so long since I blogged? Why is there dust on this thing!

I am so sorry about this - not to anyone in particular, but just because I really enjoy blogging. I have noticed that very few blogs have kept themselves up and running as well, I need to update my blogroll.

My life has made some changes in the past few years:
1. I am engaged! Believe it or not... I think the relationship definitely took a lot of time (as it must do) - but I think I am ready for blogging again. The lady I am engaged to is my co-blogger on this blog (she blogged once or twice, she might start up again)
2. I changed jobs - FINALLY! I am not a lecturer anymore. I was getting so frustrated, not really the fault of the University, but then again,,,
3. I moved out of my parents house: A good spiritual move for me - learning a lot.
4. My theology has not changed. This blog has actually been a real help to me. I am so glad to have my thoughts written down.
5. I started other blogs. I will continue to blog here, but I will also blog about other aspects on the other blogs.

I am still here and the Lord is blessing me greatly - I wish for this blog to continue for a long time and I have several things I wish to write on. God has been so awesome to me in the past years and I can't wait to tell the story!

God bless and I hope you are all still out there :)

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