Wednesday, April 20, 2011

RANTS in my pants



I just read about how ‘Christians’ and ‘South Africans in general’ are reacting to some trashy song and quite frankly – these people don’t have a clue. [BE CAREFUL: REFERENCE – Read the comments]


For years the movie industry has been blaspheming the most beautiful name of Jesus Christ, whom is the Lord and Saviour for sinners, and people turn nothing but a blind eye. However, now that a song comes out and just happens to revolve around it, they have a problem.


HOW DARE CHRISTIANS REACT NOW? How many movies do you go to where the actors are screaming your "Lord and Saviours'" name in vain? You PAY these people to do what they do and NOW you have something to say? This is the secular world people!


More than once a week - "Christians" are paying to see movies and watch TV shows (at least they should be paying - but I know a lot who do not) where their supposed "Lord's" name is dragged through the mud. Please, if you were really offended, this reaction should've happened a long time ago.


To be quite frank these ‘Christians’ make me sick – they behave no better than the world, and yet now they are given the opportunity to complain, so they do it. They steal (and anyone who does not pay for TV series and DVDs is a THIEF and needs to REPENT) and they watch all the same movies as the world (which is actually allowing yourself to be influenced by the world) and NOW they complain. Where was the complaint about Hancock? Where was the complaint about “How I met your mother”?


I had to stop listening to “bicycle race” by Queen because I find it too scary a thought to allow blasphemy to be enjoyed as even part of a song. Will the REAL Christians please stand up!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Bible

I am so grateful for the bible. A book inspired and protected by God as His word to us. I am thankful that there is a solid foundation on which to base my faith, and that I can face the world knowing that there IS a standard.

Lord, I would be lost without Your word.