Tuesday, July 5, 2011

He's back and he's complaining again!

[This is a blog post of what is going through my mind and is actually me talking to myself. I think it may be beneficial to Christians.]

Where is your backbone? Are you trying to be AS HOLY AS POSSIBLE TO PLEASE YOUR LORD? Or are you attempting to walk the line of ungodliness so finely that people would not even recognize you as a Christian?

Again? You had to speak to someone AGAIN about getting television? You really want one don't you? You know that TV has SO MANY bad aspects Porn, Violence, Blasphemy and ADVERTISEMENTS (worst of all because they are subliminal in a sense PLUS they get straight to the point).

You are prepared not to sleep around or with your girlfriend / finacee. You try your best to avoid places of ill-repute. You block all of these things outside your home and then you invite them in to come entertain you? "I can switch it off" you say - but you don't. You don't even control yourself NOW - how much better will you be with a television pumping 'entertainment' on the screen 24/7?

You are a sinner - nothing will change that until glory - and yet I feel that by getting a TV I will give flesh more opportuntity. TV affects so many lives... just look at the expressions people use - can anyone really say that TV has not affected them. If you have ever said 'Legendary' as an explative you are GUILTY! Guilty of allowing television to affect your behaviour - and you think it will not lead you into temptation - do you not pray to be not be lead into temptaion?

Oh horrid flesh! May I seek the Lord all my days - I hate the evil of this world.

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