Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Self-destruction is probably not a good thing

The ultimate problem causing the whole SOPA thing is that people are possessed by entertainment. Christians ought to be able to rise above this. (NOTE: I know that SOPA is not just about downloading movies, it's all about content, but if you can't think that this is originating from hollywood, then please go back to your own planet)

I have found it rather strange watching anti-piracy clips they add onto DVD's. With no moral rule on which to place people, they have to go with "Piracy is crime, so don't do it." The people have responded: "You don't really do anything about it, so we don't care."

And this is valid - the very system that shoots down any kind of moral absolute is now trying to get people to behave themselves. @Hollywood - You glorify in that people can believe whatever they want, yet NOW you have an issue with people stealing your stuff? Shame on you!

Stealing is wrong, plain and simple. God's law says that if you obtain anything unlawfully you are sinning and must repent. This includes the downloading of entertainment. If you are a Christian and you do it you must repent now. There is no exception here. There is nothing to argue about. Here are some of the classics (with the response for free):

1. Hollywood actors earn to much
A three part response here:
  •  Supply and demand - people do pay for it, and so the price goes up with demand (I am sure I have the pirates smiling now - please read the next response). 
  • Too bad! You don't steal it! God said no, so you will listen. THERE IS NO justifiable excuse - it took me 30 minutes with a non-Christian (going through all his excuses), and the only thing he could admit to was that it was stealing. He didn't care either. 
  •  There are other people being hurt. Believe it or not not all the money goes to the big-wigs and hollywood directors. What about the guy who designed the poster? played the guitar for a musical piece? There are actually a lot of expenses in the industry that must be paid for!
2. I got so bored with this I am giving you the response to any other argument right here
God said no stealing. It is not right to get something you didn't pay for. That's it. You can come up with a thousand excuses but you cannot break me on this one. At the moment, it is illegal. If you are a Christian, you should have a Spirit within you that abhors sin. You can live with less of their filth anyway.

But anyway, back to my main line - evil is self-destructive. I read this post on why this guy is a pirate and I have to admit, he makes a good point. There are many factors here, but the end of it all is that I am smiling. Why am I smiling? The industry that blasphemes the name of my Lord is being destroyed by the very morals it has spent years eroding, and the dam is about to burst. I am glad to have a seat, I think I'll even make some popcorn.

Oh, and then there is this article - Watching the world burn.

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