Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stumbling blocks

After re-directing a friend to one of my blog posts, he walked away with completely the wrong message. I was trying to point out that without Christ my friend is lost and hopeless. Instead he walked away confused as he was introduced to the Calvinist / Arminian debate on the nature and state of the free will of man, in the midst of an abortion debate. I can understand him being confused.

Which leads me to think: if someone walks away with the wrong message, who is to blame? I have to admit that I am at least partly to blame for not being clear in what I am trying to get across.

But then I realize: God is in control, even to the point where my friend may remain blind. All I can do is take the horse to water, how the horse gets himself tangled in the weeds is not something I intened, nor was it the point of what I was trying to accomplish. God knows what everyone needs and when they need it. I am not going to abandon the garden just because something went wrong1. I know that creation, abortion, denominationislm, calvinism etc. all create FAR MORE heated arguments within and without the church, and they ought to be issues that get addressed. If someone peeks their head in and gets the wrong message, that is really not my fault.

Nor is it God's. They have the full access to the right information. The point of my blog about infants was not to stir the arminian / calvin debate, but rather to display the glory of God in the consistency of salvation for ALL MEN (babies included). What that blog is saying is that infants that die go to heaven because they are saved by a gracious Father. The question one should walk away with is not how to hate arminian theology, but to strike the correct kind of fear in the heart for that person to say

"if I can only get to heaven the way those children gets into heaven, surely I am without hope."

The fear that results from that would cause any person to seek an alternative, and the desire would cause them to call out

"Lord, I am a sinner, I am without hope, I cannot save myself! Only you can save. Please save me."

This is my gospel, that God answers that prayer, and that it is not the praying of the prayer that saves, but the God who gave you the fear of Himself that saves. For you cannot pray this prayer meaningfully unless God gives you the ability. This is so there may be no boasting in your salvation other than boasting about the work Christ has done, not the work / prayer that you have done.

1 Wrong in my opinion. There is a Sovereign God at work after all.

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