Friday, June 8, 2012

Does Evolutionist = Racist? (aka If I am a big enough bully, I win the argument)

If there are two things I hate in this world it is ad hominems and straw men. As a creationist SECOND and a Christian FIRST it must be stated that I am better than the other side. Dear Evolutionist, I refuse to resort to the simple minded tactics that you would use on me. As someone who was captain of the debate team, I learned early on the best way to defeat an argument was on the premises of the argument itself. Or as the bible induces 'from within.' In other words, present the argument correctly and consistently, because a bad one is easily destroyed by the proponents as misrepresentation.

Where does this come from? Well, people read my bible the wrong way. The call God immoral, they misread biblical texts in order to introduce supposed erratum, they call Christians bigots and hypocrites. While this brand of 'mud' slinging does wonders for the validity of the arguments themselves, I fail to understand why both camps still do it. By employing Jesus' best trait we can win the fight, at least in worldly terms, by eating a rather large slice of humble pie.

I believe that when I resort to certain tactics, the tactics I learnt while not a Christian, I do my own argument detriment in the eyes of the onlooker. Take people who picket abortion clinics or those who have anti-homosexual protests. These people exhibit an anti-Christian behaviour that is inconsistent with their theology. And you know what? It's obvious that they do not understand the very underlying nature of their beliefs.

But that is only from the Christian side. The (non-Christian) evolutionist has no such 'saftey net' into which they may fall. I propose to you that if evolution really teaches racism, the obvious answer is 'so what?' Just because we see it as a social evil does that necessarily mean it is not true? Did you really think that kind of argumentation would convince someone that a (supposedly) scientifically proven process is untrue? Because you claim it promotes racism? Do you think genes care?

I would say to Christians that we need to up the ante here. We need to stop looking for our petty 'solutions' to the evolution problem regarding scripture.

Can I tell you why I don't believe evolution? Because of my EYES (with reference to the scientific method of observation, not to the eye as a physical 'unevolvable' appendage). Really. I have not seen genes pop out of nowhere and extend the length of a DNA strand. In the first place, I have never seen a report where NEW information (NOTE: a system with {a, b} in it producing {a, b, c} where c = a + b is not NEW information) was generated inside an already existing cell. Secondly, I have never seen a report where the DNA structure was ENLARGED as a result of breeding. Thirdly, death cannot come before sin, which makes God a liar.

The more I consider the argument, the more I believe science will eventually come around. But to tell them to 'stop sciencing' because 'mah bahbel tellz em so' is counter-productive. Let them search for truth, and eventually, eventually, they will be filled with so many contradictions that they will eventually start questioning the assumptions.

There are no easy answers, I have heard several stupid ones lately, namely:
  • If we came from apes, why are there still apes? That really has to be a knuckle-headed question. There are still apes BECAUSE THEY SURVIVED. Evolution does not claim that it throws the old away, it claims that changes happen over time.
  • Conservation of angular momentum. This one is silly. Some would say that if the big bang is true, everything should be spinning in the same direction. Wrong conclusion. Please go look at your clock. Make sure you take note of which way the hand is turning. Now stand behind the clock, which way is the hand turning now? Anti-clockwise! That proves that in a 3 dimensional universe an object can flip over and be spinning in the opposite direction.

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