Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Invitation to the masses and Membase are not just a 'funny image' websites. They are not where one can go wind down and look at a few funny images. I would have liked it if it were that. No, occasionally it turns into a hate perpetuating moral toilet for those who want nothing more than to slander those of other religious / political / ethnic viewpoints. Every now and then I do see a ray of light though.

They are places to go to feel empowered. People flock there to 'have their say' and ultimately, their say is drowned in the sayings of others. I am not going to encourage readers of this blog to go to these sites, but rather, I have provided the inks necessary for you to check it out for yourselves. The fist image I have linked to reveals a supposed 'call to equality.' It is funny how all religions are thrown into one basket here. You know I have never seen any other religion being slandered or blasphemed on this website. Only Christianity is blasted there. Only Christ and the true God of the universe is slandered there.

What I love is that they are doing what the devil has been doing for years. The users on this site reveal that they are not actually using their brains, but are rather a product of the culture they live in. They only attack Christianity, because they seem to think that is the only religion. They group all Christians into one basket, as if all of us go out protesting and hating others.

By the way - NO Christian HATES. If they do they will be in the group of goats to which Jesus says: "And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’" [Matthew 7:23]. If Westboro Baptist Church does not offer a message of hope and salvation to those in sin, and admit to being sinners themselves, they are far more gone than any homosexual or pro-'choice' person.

I am starting to get sick of using a logical argument - and let me defend that (yes, with logic...). Logic only takes people so far. And what is hilarious is that you can have the wrong premise and the logical outcome can be fairly rational. However faith and logic can be a powerful tool. I do not throw away my faith when I come to a failing in my logic (something I am at least capable of admitting to), I rethink, go back to first principles, and hopefully move on. I am not even asking for the world to approve of my logic plus my faith. All I ask is the opportunity to defend the truth that "All have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God" [Romans 3:23] and that there is no injustice with God (the claims that he says not to kill and yet kills people [This is a blatant and childish attempt to bring God down to human standards.]) [Romans 9 : 14-15] and that he does not offer freedom from death, but freedom from hell and eternal death.

What really scares me is the eschatological implications of the way the world is going. My view of the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ says that the history and future of this world have a sort of 'poetic balance' in and of themselves, and what I see revealed in the history of the bible and today is an alarming symmetry. I see the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, I see the lifestyles of the Roman empire, I see the wretched faith of a stubborn people, both in the now and in the then of the bible. Why is this balance there? To show us that God is not surprised with what is going on here.

Here is my demotivational poster, I need to find a group of 'christians' protesting something the world really loves (like pro-homosexuality) and put that picture in here, and that will be my contribution to 9Gag.

Just again: I am not anti-homosexual. I am anti-sin. I will not protest sin in the streets, not condemn anyone who practices it without knowledge. Just as much as you have the freedom to sin, I am not capable of obliterating it. I will try to lovingly tell you that what you do will have an eternal affect on your position with God and that if you repent and believe you will be forgiven. But once you have heard and rejected my message all I can do is protect myself and my loved ones as best as possible. I will never vote allowing people to sin. I cannot change your heart or see what you do when you are alone, I can only pray that the One who can and does will change your heart and grant you repentance.

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I love this post Q. Well said.