Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Welcome to the modern dark ages

Modern society "burns" even the idea of aided evolution, thinks they are better than what the RCC did to Galileo

Is science questionable? That is what I thought about today as I constantly consider the evolution / creation debate. If science is not questionable then it is not science. It is dogma.

What baffles me is that science is based on observation. Real science, therefore, can only call itself science when it is observed. I understand the implication, since we do not directly observe God, He cannot be scientifically verified.

But with this in mind, we have to ask, can science explain everything? The answer, of course, is not yet. But now, are there things that will never be explained? The answer to this question is incomplete - we cannot know what we do not know, unless the evidence comes about in the observable universe, and we cannot know what we will be able to prove in the future.

So with all this doubt, we have prospects. These prospects are wonderful. We are capable of questioning first principles and detecting assumptions. These tools help us in our inferences based upon the universe. I admit my assumption, that God exists. But I wonder how many people admit that there are gaps in their knowledge, and that if evidence of God where to exist, would they be able to question the assumption that He does not exist?

When you stop the ability to ask questions, you create the dark ages. If you challenge the modern thought, for some reason you are not seen as a visionary, but a scapegoat for ridicule. The Roman Catholic Church burned Galileo at the stake, for questioning an assumption. But today he is revered as a martyr for the freedom of scientific thought.

By removing the concept of the possibility of God, the world has shown that it is not religion (or Christianity) that makes bigots, but that people are naturally inclined to become violent towards a particular belief system when there is enough evidence to challenge it. I welcome challenges, but the modern world is slowly slipping into the very same trap they did in the dark ages

There is also another note. Faith does not say "I don't look for answers because I believe." Faith says "I look for answers, but I can sleep without having the answer for everything." I think the challenge for the modern western mind is to accept that there are some things there may not be any answers, but I also believe that is why God claims to grant PEACE, not necessarily ANSWERS on this side of the grave.

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