Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The buildings into which we fly

"Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings."

Victor J. Stenger

Just a note: Everyone can spot a hypocritical Christian. Please go ahead and point out the people who behave in a manner which undermine the very faith they profess to belong to. But remember, if you can use my faith's worst examples, I must have the right to do the same.

If there is anything the world loves today, it's arguing in quips. Somehow the people of the world today would rather have a series of contrite and ultimately wrongful sayings in order to coddle their immorality. I am becoming more and more weary of this.

This lead me to thinking something - how many Atheists had died in the service of others? How many were willing to offer their lives in service to mankind, just because they believed they had something worth sharing? To be fair to Atheists I have only observed this behaviour in Christians. It's certainly not the impression I get from Atheists. Most self professed Atheists I have had the pleasure of contact with come across as selfish and arrogant. I have never met a self sacrificing Atheist. They are mostly wealthy and famous for being, well, Atheist [REFERENCE]. Christians become famous for dying for the love of Christ. They will toil their entire lives striving to help a people spiritually and physically, and will ultimately only be remembered because of the vicious ramifications of a cowardly oppositional religion. While there are xtians (because they are NOT Christian) famous for other reasons, I would contend that people like Joel Oosteen, Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn and the like (here are 2 lists: [LIST 1] [LIST 2]) are actually more famous for being wrong than they are for being related to the church of Christ.

I have never met a deeply kind Atheist, especially on this blog. They have all come and gone without a care for me or my well being. Every single one of them that has come here has tried to argue technical 'scientific' data in some vain attempt to prove me wrong - as if I was some sort of threat to their religion (and oh boy yes were these guys religious - if you think Atheism is not a faith you are just plain wrong.) They have come waving their pompous attitudes and sat high above looking down on me as if I were some intellectual deficit. I have humbled myself before each one of them pleading for them believe, not in my science, but my God, for the sake of their eternity.

So what kind of religion flies you into buildings? The wrong one. What kind of religion cause you to love fellow humans to the point where you will argue at the heart of the issue and not just with quips: Christianity. I will strive to show you the error of your ways, and if by God's grace you see it, then you may be saved. I will strive to be kind to my fellow man, regardless of his faith, because my God tells me that this is the manner of His followers. An Atheist has no such direction, and no such inclination. The Atheist would be kind in an effort to 'outdo' or in some vain attempt to prove that his faith does NOT in fact lead down the path that it ultimately does. I am not interested in flying you to the moon, I am interested in your eternal salvation.